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Team Sweden

Karen Alschuler, Anonymous, Andrew Belschner, Anne Bluethenthal, Nancy K Bryan, David Chase, Deborah Cullinan, Alvin Curran, Joel Davel, Jennifer Morla & Nilus de Matran, Paul Dresher, Todd Eckert, Anthony Elite, Margaret Fisher, Kenneth Foster, James Graham, Gretchen and Dick Grant, Phyllis Grant, Daniel Hass, Andrea Hicks, Antoine Hunter, Gail Jones, Kristine Keefer, Toni King, Robert Kinosian, Naomie & Charles Kremer, Fran Layton, Nancy Levib, Darlene Markovich, Jose Navarrete, Jennifer Norris, Frances Phillips, Tony Politopoulos, Carole Rehbock, Sharon and Laird Shepherd-Rodet, Allen Rozelle, Sara Rudner, Amelia Rudolph, Kristen Sard, Mercy Sidbury, Jennie Scholick, Joan Sills, Gino Squadrito, Olivier Tarpaga, Marintha Tewksbury, Jane Wattenberg, Meredith Watts, Kate Weare, Nina Webber 

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