Developed by Margaret Jenkins in 2004, Choreographers in Mentorship Exchange (CHIME) is a professional mentorship program for choreographers and movement-based artists, based on the core beliefs that open communication between dance-makers of different generations is vital to the health of the field. Since its inception, CHIME has provided significant, direct support to over 150 established and emerging choreographers working together in sustained mentorship relationships, including artist fees to all participants, free rehearsal space, workshops facilitated by guest artists, and participation in free public showings of the ideas generated or developed during their mentorship.
CHIME has supported over 120 California choreographers since its inception in 2004.
The goal of CHIME is to improve the health and vitality of our dance field, by:​
  • creating an arena for the rigorous, critical analysis of choreography;

  • stimulating the artistic growth and confidence of emerging choreographers;

  • establishing long-term relationships between dance community members, particularly between those of differing generations;

  • promoting continuing education of choreography outside the academic environment;

  • fostering an ongoing exchange of career experience, observations and dance history between emerging and established choreographers; and

  • diminishing the isolation so prevalent among working choreographers.

CHIME is supported by San Francisco Grants for the Arts, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, The Bernard Osher Foundation and many generous individuals.

The deadline to apply for CHIME 2020 is midnight, October 27, 2019. 

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. 


For questions or concerns, please contact


Founder Margaret Jenkins is serving as the CHIME mentor, working with three local choreographers over the course of the year. 


For over 40 years, Margaret Jenkins has been inspiring audiences across the United States and throughout the world with stirring and intelligent dance created in collaboration with composers, poets and visual arts luminaries. Since 2004, she has been curating CHIME, witnessing and facilitating the artist gatherings, advising the mentors and mentees, organizing the showings, and observing the panel selection process. In 2014, Jenkins brought her immeasurable experience, artistry and mentorship skills directly to three artists selected for a special 10th Anniversary CHIME San Francisco Bay Area, called CHIME at 10. The program in 2019 will be based upon the successes of CHIME at 10 and the re-launch of CHIME San Francisco Bay Area in 2017, with enhancements made from the suggestions of those choreographers who took part in the CHIME at 10 program and CHIME San Francisco Bay Area 2017.


Reflecting on CHIME’s long history, Jenkins states, “CHIME is a program with a huge mission and an enormous heart. Having witnessed and facilitated the powerful personal connections that artists established through CHIME since it began, and my work with artists in CHIME San Francisco Bay Area 2017 and 2018, I am poised and excited to take part in this special connection with artists and dance-makers in the Bay Area again in 2019.” 



Jesselito Bie moved to the Bay Area in 1992 to dance with the High-Risk Group and has since performed with many local companies such as Scott Wells and Dancers, Stephen Pelton Dance Company, Cid Perlman/Nesting Dolls, Kulintang Arts, Erika Shurch Performance Project, Jerome Bel, Krista DeNio/ETS, Joe Landini and Kim Epifano/Epiphany Productions. In 1994, Jesselito assumed leadership of STEAMROLLER Dance Company. He has also received awards for his choreography from the SF Bay Guardian, the 360 Award from CSUEB for all around Outstanding and Outrageous Queer Dance Work and an award from Bay Area Dance Watch for Best Male Solo. He was also a participant in ODC Theater's Sandbox residency program. He is currently a lead artist at Safehouse Arts and co-directs AIRspace, a QTPOC artist residency program.

randy e. reyes

randy e. reyes is a queer AfroLatinx brujx-choreographer originally from NJ y Guatemala. They currently reside in Oakland after oscillating between here, LA, and NYC. They excavate task-meditations, Chinese Energetics, the presence of absence, and find pleasure in the messiness of creating contemporary rituals within quotidian and natural landscapes. randy is investigating the porosity/tension of boundaries in service of manifesting erotic intimacies. 


Most recently in the Bay, randy was a YBCA Creative Dissent Fellow and premiered Lxs Desaparecidxs through the Performing Diaspora residency at CounterPulse. This summer, randy was awarded a Center for Cultural Innovation CALI Program professional development grant to travel to Greece to participate in the Ricean School of Dance. This fall, randy attended the Choreography Across Disciplines residency at the BANFF Centre for Arts & Creativity. 


Currently, randy is a 2019 SAFEhouse for the Arts AIRSPACE and Shawl-Anderson Emerging Artist-in-Residence. They performed at the 5th Annual Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers at Dance Mission Theatre and is Program Assistant with Dancers' Group. 


Choreographically, randy questions if we can all get what we need through divergent autonomous simultaneity, how we can shift our eco-socio-political paradigm through queer energetic architectures, and can there be more room to rigorously retreat and rest? 


Nadhi Thekkek is a bharatanatyam dancer and Artistic Director of Nava Dance Theatre, a dance company based in San Francisco. Her work through Nava has been supported by CounterPulse Performing Diaspora, CA$H Grants, Zellerbach Family Foundation, Dancers' Group, East Bay Community Fund and others. Nadhi’s most recent work created in partnership with visual artist Rupy C. Tut, is "Broken Seeds Still Grow," a mixed media production inspired by the Partition of British India.  The various performance venues for her work have included the La Mama Experimental Theatre Club (Drive East NYC), National Steinbeck Center (Salinas), San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival @ YBCA (SF), The Dance Centre (Vancouver), and others. Her recent freelance work include both solo performance and collaborations with the Oakland Ballet, Randee Paufve (Oakland), Seeta Patel (London), Sujit Vaidya (Vancouver.)


Nadhi received her foundational training from Sundara Swaminathan (Kala Vandana Dance Company, San Jose) and Padmini Chari (Nritya School of Dance, Houston.) As of 2012, she has continued training under A. Lakshmanaswamy (Nrityalakshana, Chennai.)

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