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Developed by Margaret Jenkins in 2004, Choreographers in Mentorship Exchange (CHIME) is a professional mentorship program for choreographers and movement-based artists, based on the core beliefs that open communication between dance-makers of different generations is vital to the health of the field. Since its inception, CHIME has provided significant, direct support to over 150 established and emerging choreographers working together in sustained mentorship relationships, including artist fees to all participants, free rehearsal space, workshops facilitated by guest artists, and participation in free public showings of the ideas generated or developed during their mentorship.
CHIME has supported over 120 California choreographers since its inception in 2004.
The goal of CHIME is to improve the health and vitality of our dance field, by:​
  • creating an arena for the rigorous, critical analysis of choreography;

  • stimulating the artistic growth and confidence of emerging choreographers;

  • establishing long-term relationships between dance community members, particularly between those of differing generations;

  • promoting continuing education of choreography outside the academic environment;

  • fostering an ongoing exchange of career experience, observations and dance history between emerging and established choreographers; and

  • diminishing the isolation so prevalent among working choreographers.

CHIME is supported by the Bernard Osher Foundation, Hellman Foundation, SF Grants for the Arts, and many generous individuals.
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