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“Ms. Jenkins movement is fresh, unduplicated and unimaginable on other bodies… you won’t see them on any other dancers, anywhere else. Such individuality. The through-line among the dancers is flawless center of gravity and nuanced control.” – Claudia Bauer, Classical Voice

“Jenkins's work is a rapturous celebration of fragility and resilience, a canticle of what it means to be alive. Her work has fierce physicality - as ephemeral as a gust of wind or the felt presence of something that may not be there. Her work doesn't have a linear trajectory, but its ebb and flow, the way hyperactivity balances stillness, suggest purpose and something like an underlying unity — and maybe even order.” – Rita Felciano
, Dance View Times


“Watching Margaret Jenkins work, its relationships and various narratives envelope me; I feel like I am inside the dance and the pulse and flow of activity. It reminds me of how deeply physical her work is and now rooted it is in the core  values of movement.” – Janice Ross, Stanford University

“Jenkins, a renowned postmodern choreographer who danced for Twyla Tharp and staged Merce Cunningham works before founding her SF company in 1973, is unconcerned with technical dogma. Rather, she cultivates the individuality of the performers she brings together and sculpts their contributions with her masterful sense of structure, pacing and transition. Watching these dancers is pure pleasure.” – Claudia Bauer, Classical Voice

“You can see Ms. Jenkins work in as a conviction that movement is the message, that we are free to interpret its patterns and steps as we see fit. But her style is her own—warm, resilient, emphatically humane, and not afraid to wear its heart on its sleeve. In this endlessly beautiful production (Other Suns A Trilogy), dancers negotiate boundaries, collide, and explore ingenious ways to support and test one another. At times, the action is so gripping that you can’t look away. At other times, it almost seems as if you’re watching an art installation in motion. Your eye can wander to this group or that duo, even briefly tune out. And that feels all right too. The variety of lifts and entanglements in Ms. Jenkins works is astonishing. People fly through the air, rebound off one another, labor together to create a kind of perpetually shifting sculpture of give and take.
Other Suns sends a message of across-borders collaboration just as powerful as the daring, trusting leaps into one another’s arms.” – Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice

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