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Thank you for joining us at our 50th Anniversary Celebration!


May 6 & 7, 2023

See old friends, meet new ones, and
wander through the history of MJDC

and the promise of more to come:

  • Live performances and music
    by MJDC dancers and longtime
    collaborators Paul Dresher,
    Rinde Eckert, & Michael Palmer.

  • Visual installation by Jack Beuttler featuring videos, photos, costumes, sets, and archival records highlighting 50 years of MJDC.

  • Special screening of our 2020 film Breathing at the Boundaries

  • Showings by CHIME Artists Corey Brady and Kelly Del Rosario

  • And a community celebration reception/party!

60 Brady Street, San Francisco

(City Dance Studios)


Installation Hours: 12pm - 4pm

Performance & Celebration: 4pm

The performance will last approximately

90 minutes, followed by a reception

with the artist and community.

Breathing at the Boundaries

screening: Sunday, May 7 @ 1:30pm

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Artistic Director: Margaret Jenkins

Executive Director: Kegan Marling

Installation Design: Jack Beuttler

Photography Curation: Andrea Hicks

Costume Curation: Mary Domenico

Community Liason: Virginia Matthews

Reception Coordinator: Mary Kuhn

Company Assistant: Sophie Otewalt

Editorial Review: Art Becofsky

Social Media Manager: Joe Mazza

50th Anniversary Logo: Kevin Clarke

Booklet & Postcard Design: Katherine Disenhof


Food & Wine Donations

Bi-RIte Family of Businesses, Nancy Donnell Lilly, Noe Valley Bakery, Recess Drinks, Trader Joe's

Special Thanks

Alexander V. Nichols, Andrea Hicks, Art Becofsky, Cathy Simon & Michael Palmer, City Dance Studios, Dominique Pelletey, Jack Beuttler, Joe Mazza, Joseph Copley, Larry McQueen, Mary Domenico, Mary Kuhn, Paul Dresher Ensemble, Photoworks SF, Sandra Woodall, Sandy Lee, Virginia Matthews, and all of our incredible volunteers!



Featuring excerpts from:

Global Moves (2022)

The Gates (Far Away Near) (1993)

Woman Window Square (1991)

Rollback (1988)

Shorebirds Atlantic (1988)

Shadows & Water (2019)

Migratory Passages (2021)

And work-in-progress excerpts from our CHIME mentees:

Corey Brady

Kelly Del Rosario


Artistic Director: Margaret Jenkins

Choreographic & Rehearsal Assistant: Kelly Del Rosario

Production Design & Management: Jack Beuttler

Sound Direction: Paul Dresher

Costume Direction: Mary Domenico

MJDC Dancer/Collaborators:

Allegra Bautista, Corey Brady,

Tristan Ching Hartmann, Carolina Czechowska,

Kelly Del Rosario, Olivia Caldeira Holston

Guest Performer: Rinde Eckert

Additional Performance Credits

Global Moves (2022)
Composer: Dresher/Davel Invented Instrument Duo
Text & Narrative Structure: Michael Palmer with Rinde Eckert
Scenic Design: Jack Beuttler
Readers: Michael Palmer, Ellen McLaughlin
Filmed Dancers: Irit Amichai Gabinet and Nitzan Bardichev (Dancers Emeritus, Kolben Dance Company)

The Gates (Far Away Near) (1993)
Text: Michael Palmer and Rinde Eckert
Composer: Paul Dresher
Costumes: Sandra Woodall

Woman Window Square (1991)
Text & Music: Rinde Eckert
Costumes: Sandra Woodall

Rollback (1988)
Music: Terry Allen
Film: Bruce Nauman
Costumes: Modifications by Mary Domenico
from an original design by Sandra Woodall

Margaret Jenkins and Rinde Eckert Duets
Excerpts from: Shadows and Water (2019),
Migratory Passages (2020), and Shorebirds Atlantic (1988)
Music and Text: Rinde Eckert
Costumes: Kate Mitchell (from Migratory Passages)

CHIME: Kelly Del Rosario
Choreography and Performance: Kelly Del Rosario and Erin Yen
Music: Juice by Young Franco

CHIME: Corey Brady
Unrest (2022)
(Reworked for 2023 premiere)
Choreography & Performance: Corey Brady
Music: Nosaj Thing, Divan Gattamorta


Artist Bios


Margaret Jenkins Dance Company is graciously supported by The Bernard Osher Foundation, Cathy & Jim Koshland, The Fleishhacker Foundation, Hellman Foundation, John Sanger Family Foundation, Judith Brown Meyers Fund, Kenneth Rainin Foundation, Michael P.N.A. Hormel (in loving remembrance of James C. Hormel), The National Endowment for the Arts, San Francisco Grants for the Arts, and many generous individuals.

Photo Credits:

Left Column: Max's Dream (1984) by Martha Swope; Shorebirds Atlantic (1988) by Ken Probst; The Gates - Far Away Near (1993) by Ken Probst; Film Strip: Georgia Stone (1987) by Ken Probst; Max's Dream (1984) by Martha Swope; Equal Time (1976) by unknown photographer; Pedal Steal (1985) by Bonnie Kamin; Right Column: First Figure (1984) by William Acheson; Skies Calling Skies Falling (2017) by RJ Muna; Shelf Life (1987) by Bonnie Kamin; Woman Window Square (1990) by Jeffrey Newbury; Fault (1996) by Ken Probst

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