The Margaret Jenkins Dance Company presents

Breathing at the Boundaries

Postponement of the Premier of

Breathing at the Boundaries

In light of the recent rise of COVID-19 cases across the nation and here in the San Francisco Bay Area, MJDC, in conversation with all the artists, has decided to take a brief pause on rehearsing Breathing at the Boundaries to remain committed to the health and safety of all involved. We remain eager to get back to work on our collective vision and excited for you to see what we are building! 

We anticipate sharing Breathing at the Boundaries before the end of 2020, and will keep you updated about our new timeline as it unfolds.

Please RSVP to keep informed about the project.

These performances are free,

but we welcome donations to support our efforts.​

This is an unprecedented time, yet here we are. At once confined in place, yet hurtling towards an unknowable future – awaiting embrace!

Breathing at the Boundaries has been at the center of our activism these last few months. This new performance – with dancers isolated and in touch, present and remote – is a response to this fragile moment in time. It also offers a chance for a sneak peak of the international collaborators for our next work Global Moves, as they share their responses to prompts about the various pandemics affecting them, both political and COVID. Together we are sharing the moment, if not the room. 


Music is filling the air, words fly up and out along with limbs and hands, movement is everywhere. Live music by Paul Dresher and Joel Davel, visuals by Alexander V. Nichols, text and narrative structure by Rinde Eckert and Michael Palmer, movement by the MJDC dancer/collaborators and international collaborators, all breathing at the boundaries, even if not always together.

Artistic Director:

Visual Design:

Composer and Live Music:

Text and Narrative Structure:

Assistant to the Artistic Director:

MJDC Dancer/Collaborators:








Guest Performer:

International Guest Performers:

Margaret Jenkins

Alexander V. Nichols

Paul Dresher with Joel Davel

Rinde Eckert, Michael Palmer

Kelly Del Rosario

Dalton Alexander, Crystaldawn Bell, Kristen Bell, Corey Brady,

Alex Carrington, Kelly Del Rosario, Norma Fong, Chinchin Hsu

* Breathing at the Boundaries was originally conceived as a live-streaming event with four of the MJDC dancers performing live (Dalton Alexander, Crystaldawn Bell, Alex Carrington, and Kelly Del Rosario), and four of the dancers filmed in a variety of locations and projected onto panels (Kristen Bell, Corey Brady, Norma Fong and Chinchin Hsu). 

The work now, in its final planning stages, is envisioned as a fully filmic event with all dancers being filmed - visuals and editing done by Alexander V. Nichols.


Rinde Eckert

Cross Move Lab (US/China):

  • Guanglei Hui (Artistic Director, Performer)

  • Yahui Lu (Resident Choreographer, Performer)


Kolben Dance Company (Israel):

  • Nitzan Bardichev (Dancer Emeritus)

  • Irit Amichai Gabinet (Dancer Emeritus)

  • Amir Kolben (Artistic Director)


Tanusree Shankar Dance Company (India):

  • Indranil Ghosh (Performer)

  • Joyita Pal (Performer)

  • Tanusree Shankar (Artistic Director)

Breathing at the Boundaries is made possible through a resilience grant from The Bernard Osher Foundation,

as well as tremendous in-kind support from Kristen Bell, Alexander V. Nichols, and the Paul Dresher Ensemble.

We are also most grateful for the ongoing support from Dianne and Daniel Vapnek Fund, Fleishhacker Foundation, Hellman Foundation, John Sanger Family Foundation, Judith Brown Meyers Fund, Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation, Sam Mazza Foundation, San Francisco Arts Commission, San Francisco Grants for the Arts, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and many generous individuals.

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