The Margaret Jenkins Dance Company presents

Breathing at the Boundaries

Friday, November 20 – 7pm
Saturday, November 21 – 4pm & 7pm
Sunday, November 22 – 2pm & 5pm

(Pacific Standard Time)

These performances are free with a reservation,
but we welcome donations to support our efforts.​

Artistic Director:

Visual Design:

Composer and Live Music:

Text and Narrative Structure:

MJDC Dancer/Collaborators (live):

Guest Performer (live):

MJDC Dancer/Collaborators (recorded):
Guest Performers (recorded):

Margaret Jenkins

Alexander V. Nichols

Paul Dresher with Joel Davel

Rinde Eckert, Michael Palmer

Dalton Alexander, Crystaldawn Bell, Alex Carrington, Kelly Del Rosario

Rinde Eckert

Kristen Bell, Corey Brady, Norma Fong, Chinchin Hsu

Yahui Lu and Guanglei Hui (China)

Tanusree Dance Company (India)

Kolben Dance Company (Israel

This is an unprecedented time, yet here we are. At once confined in place yet hurtling towards an unknowable future, awaiting embrace!

This new filmic/live streaming event – with dancers isolated and in touch, present and remote – together we are sharing the moment, if not the room. Here we are in the stream, live streaming, living form within the limits imposed by the moment.


Music is filling the air, words fly up and out along with limbs and hands, movement is everywhere. Live music by Paul Dresher and Joel Davel, image-construct and visuals by Alexander V. Nichols, words by Rinde Eckert (appearing live) and Michael Palmer, movement by the MJDC dancer/collaborators. All breathing at the boundaries, even if not always together.

Breathing at the Boundaries is made possible thanks to the generous support of The Bernard Osher Foundation.

© 2019 Margaret Jenkins Dance Company