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Global Moves

June 16-19, 2022
Thu-Sat at 8pm, Sun at 3pm

Presidio Theatre, SF
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What if, as the bird, we could land on a wire or the sand – free from boundaries?


To explore this, MJDC is collaborating with artists from China, India, and Israel, communicating their choreographic ideas through letters, conversations, and video recordings of their movement investigations, offering a window into each other’s cultures. The artists will unite in San Francisco to rehearse and perform together in June.

Global Moves features collaborators who have worked with MJDC over the last 50 years, including Michael Palmer (poet/text), Paul Dresher and Joel Davel (composer/music), Rinde Eckert (text and performance), Mary Domenico (costumes), and Jack Beuttler (production design).

The MJDC dancer/collaborators are critical to the development of Jenkins’ physical and gestural world – creating dances by continually layering, disrupting rhythms, and shattering spatial planes. The current dancer/collaborators are Allegra Bautista, Corey Brady, Tristan Ching Hartmann, Carolina Czechowska, Kelly Del Rosario, and Olivia Caldeira Holston. Joining them for the performance are international artists Irit Amichai Gabinet, Nitzan Bardichev, Indranil Ghosh, Guanglei Hui, Yahui Lu, and Joyita Pal.



Artistic Director: Margaret Jenkins

Collaborating Artists:

Cross Move Lab (US/China)

Guanglei Hui (Artistic Director, Performer)

Yahui Lu (Resident Choreographer, Performer)


Kolben Dance Company (Israel)

Amir Kolben (Artistic Director)

Nitzan Bardichev (Dancer Emeritus)

Irit Amichai Gabinet (Dancer Emeritus)


Tanusree Shankar Dance Company (India)

Tanusree Shankar (Artistic Director)

Indranil Ghosh (Performer)

Joyita Pal (Performer)

MJDC Dancer/Collaborators:

Allegra Bautista, Corey Brady,

Tristan Ching Hartmann, Carolina Czechowska,

Kelly Del Rosario, Olivia Caldeira Holston

Guest Performer: Rinde Eckert

Live Music: Dresher Davel Invented Instrument Duo

Composer: Paul Dresher with Joel Davel

Text: Michael Palmer with Rinde Eckert

Production Design: Jack Beuttler

Costume Design: Mary Domenico

Assistant to the Artistic Director: Kelly Del Rosario

The music for Global Moves will be composed by Paul Dresher with musical collaborator Joel Davel and will be performed by the Dresher Davel Invented Instrument Duo, who have been performing live with MJDC since 2006’s A Slipping Glimpse.  For Global Moves, they will be performing on the Quadrachord (four strings, 14 ft long) and Hurdy Grande (10 ft long, 7 strings, like giant hurdy gurdy) and the Marimba Lumina, an electronic mallet controller. Musically, one of the important aspects of the score will be to acknowledge, integrate and celebrate the musical sonic environments our Indian, Chinese and Israeli collaborators. 

Global Moves is an honored recipient of the Hewlett 50 Arts Commissions, launched in 2017 to celebrate the foundation’s 50th anniversary. It is a five-year, $8 million initiative supporting the creation and premiere of 50 new works from outstanding artists working in five performing arts disciplines. The largest commissioning effort of its kind in the country, the initiative is a symbol of the Hewlett Foundation’s longstanding commitment to supporting art that matters to the people and communities of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Hewlett Foundation has supported the arts in the region for more than 50 years, and currently makes grants of roughly $20 million per year to more than 200 nonprofit arts organizations, mostly in the form of long-term general operating support. More information about the Hewlett 50 Arts Commissions can be found at:

Global Moves is also graciously funded by The Bernard Osher Foundation, Cathy & Jim Koshland, The Fleishhacker Foundation, Hellman Foundation, John Sanger Family Foundation, Judith Brown Meyers Fund, Kenneth Rainin Foundation,
Michael P.N.A. Hormel (in loving remembrance of James C. Hormel), The National Endowment for the Arts, San Francisco Grants for the Arts, and many generous individuals.

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