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Migratory Passages

Surely, some birds dream of hands and feet, 

dream they are walking silently, 

slowly from place to place;

Surely, some birds imagine they are fish or otters, 

some imagine standing alone in the snow;

Surely, some are poets among birds, 

some without instincts in common;

Surely, some don’t sing, 

some without desire, 

some who wonder at the vastness of the sea;

Surely there are, 

in these murmurations, 

some unusual birds.



Music & Text:
Video Artist:
Lighting Design:
Costume Design:
Key Costumer:


MJDC Managing Director:

MJDC Board of Directors:

Margaret Jenkins with Rinde Eckert

Margaret Jenkins and Rinde Eckert

Rinde Eckert
Ian Winters
Jack Beuttler
Kate Mitchell

Ava Childs

Sophie Hood

Kegan Marling

Marcia Hofer, Margaret Jenkins, Mindy Kershner,

Rhys Mason, Michael Palmer, Albert Wax

This work was made possible through the tremendous support of 37 North Inc., ODC, and the Paul Dresher Ensemble.


Migratory Passages was filmed in the Dresher Ensemble Studio.

Migratory Passages was supported by: The Bernard Osher Foundation, Dianne and Daniel Vapnek Fund, Fleishhacker Foundation, Hellman Foundation, John Sanger Family Foundation, Judith Brown Meyers Fund, San Francisco Grants for the Arts, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and many generous individuals including Jim and Cathy Koshland and Anne Meyer.

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