Marley Rentals

The MJDC has a total of 15 rolls of Marley available to rent.


  • Each roll may be rented for $100 per week. We do not offer discount rates for portions of a week.

  • There is a $250 deposit due on or before the date of pickup.


Below is a table of all the available roll sizes.

MJDC Marley Inventory_updated 11-18.jpg


Renter Responsibilities: 

  • Arrange for pick-up and drop off time with MJDC staff.

  • Provide transportation for pick-up and return.

  • Load and unload the Marley to and from the MJDC storage space (154B Capp St).

    • It takes at least two (2) people to load and unload the Marley.

    • The MJDC will not provide loading or unloading assistance.

  • Gaff tape is not included in Marley rental.


Renters are expected to thoroughly read through their rental contract and submit the signed contract, rental fee and deposit in a timely manner.  Sample Rental Contract

If you are interested in renting Marley, the request form is linked below. Please note that completion of this form is not confirmation of Marley rental. We will contact you within three (3) business days after completion of the rental request form to discuss Marley availability.